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Survey Says Customers Hate Being Put on Hold - Here’s How to Fix That

“Your call is important to us. Please continue to hold for the next available agent.”

Here at Velaro, we conducted a survey to determine just how long customers would wait on hold for service.  Turns out, almost 60% are not willing to wait more than one minute and 32% won’t wait any time at all. This is good news if your customer service reps pick up the phone immediately for every caller. If that’s not the case for your company, here are some ways (including live chat software) to keep customers engaged and away from hanging up on your business.

Pre-emptively answer questions on your website

Is there a “greatest hits” of questions that your customer service reps get all the time?  Questions like: What’s your return policy? Where can I download a postage-paid label? Do you offer gift certificates?  Even if these questions are answered on your site, they may not be prominent enough.  Make it crystal clear where customers can get those answers on your site.

Make the shopping process extremely intuitive

If you create a streamlined, “idiot proof” buying process on your site, your customers will be less likely to feel the need to call your customer service department to help walk them through making a purchase.

Add live chat to your site

We are passionate about live chat, not only because it is what we do, but because it greatly increases the speed and effectiveness of customer service. A customer service rep can handle up to four customers simultaneously by utilizing live chat online but can only talk to one customer at a time on the phone.  In today’s digital age, many consumers, especially younger ones, prefer live chat over talking on the phone.

Give customers the option for a call back

If your customer service reps can’t answer the phone right away, why make your customers wait on hold for any longer than a minute?  Give them the option to let you call them back and assure them that they won’t lose their place in the queue.

Finally, remember that when you lose one customer because they were forced to hold too long to get service, you may not be losing just that customer.  They may decide to vent to all their Facebook friends, review sites, a.k.a. potential customers, about their terrible experience.  Following the tips above is a great way to prevent that from happening and show them that their call really is important to you.

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