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Engage wherever your customers are and keep the conversation going

Let your customers contact you through the most popular messaging apps, including Facebook messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp and more. Adding a messaging platform to your website allows your customers to conduct long lived conversations over time and at their convenience, while keeping the history of all previous engagements.

Bring your brand to your customers,
no matter where they visit

mobile interactions

Reach customers with text messaging

Create a two-way conversational experience that is always available for your customers via SMS and RCS making texting part of your omnichannel engagement strategy.

single customer view

Connect all your customers messages into a single conversation

Handle all the engagements across your communication channels in one platform and connect each interaction you have with your customers across the omni-channel into a single continuous conversation thread. Customers can start communicating with you over the phone, switch to text messaging, and end up in a webchat, you'll have the entire communication visible for higher value sales and support.

automate messaging

Add a powerful chatbot
to automate messaging capabilities

Enhance the customer experience and agent efficiency by integrating automation into your communications. Bots can create appointments, triage conversations, capture customer information, create requests, invitations and reminders. Your agents can even use a hybrid approach while chatting by pushing out bots when specific tasks come up. More about AI chatbots

Make your customers feel important

Meet expectations with fast customer response times and solve issues more logically with the use of a conversational chatbot. Provide direct channels to elicit feedback, ensuring your customers are heard.

Self-service chatbots

Help customers solve the most common queries and service requests with just a few clicks by using AI powered FAQ and knowledge base bots.

Automatic consumer sentiment detection

Use real-time sentiment analysis to detect, score and measure customer sentiment during the conversation.

outbound messaging

Start the conversation with outbound messages

Use Velaro Messaging as a marketing automation, support and sales automation tool to deliver highly personalized customer journey experiences. Based on our powerful workflow rules, drive invitations and outbound emails to kickstart your engagements.

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