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eCommerce Integrations

Enhance the shopping experience, reduce customer hesitations, cart abandonment, and answer your online customer’s questions right when they need it. Velaro offers enterprise tools that integrate with your eCommerce software.

Velaro integration with Magneto


Engage shoppers proactively and automatically based on configurable triggers during the shopping process and provide a highly personalized experience.
Velaro integration with Shopify


Convert prospects into customers when you integrate live chat during your online purchase journey, providing relevant suggestions to products and upsells, all in one place.
Velaro integration with BigCommerce


Increase conversions when you integrate live chat and messaging with BigCommerce platform.

More integrations to streamline your workflow

Velaro integration with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Deploy Velaro’s engagement tools to your website with Google Tag Manager integration, without the need for complex coding.
Velaro integration with Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Collect, configure, and analyze how your visitors engage with your website with analytics tools and personalize the engagement experience.
Velaro integration with HubSpot


Submit surveys, and forms and collect information via engagements to your HubSpot account.
Velaro integration with Zendesk


Create customer contact profiles and tickets directly from chats and messages, into Zendesk.
Velaro integration with Jira

Jira Service Management

Connect Jira Service Management for ticketing and customer support while performing real-time live chat and messaging interactions.
Velaro integration with Azure


Store all your chat and messaging transcripts with Azure cloud data storage.
Velaro integration with AWS

Amazon Web Services

Transfer your engagement data when you integrate with cloud storage on AWS.
Velaro integration with SQL Server

Azure SQL Server

Manage your entire customer engagement transcripts and interactions through integration with Azure SQL database.
Velaro integration with Azure Cognitive Services

Azure Cognitive Services

Use your own Azure AI with Velaro and get the most out of your chatbots with cognitive intelligence.
Developer API integrations with Velaro

Developer API

Integrate Velaro with your web application via APIs.
Webhook integrations

Connector services

Integrate Velaro with cloud databases such as FTP, XML, and webhooks.
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