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Live Chat Fails: 4 Things Customers Dislike and How to Avoid Them

Live chat is one of the preferred customer service channels, occasionally quality of service may slip. This article explores things customers dislike and how to avoid these common pitfalls.

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How to Leverage Marketing Personalization to Improve Customer Experience

Check out to strengthen marketing personalization to improve your business’s customer experience.

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How to Fix Your UX if Pop-Ups Are Not Converting

Are you trying to fix a high bounce rate on your website based on your pop-up forms not converting prospects? Read more to determine how to fix your website’s user experience.

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Tips for Improving Overall Customer Satisfaction with Online Customer Service

Discover what tips your business needs for refining customer satisfaction with online customer service.

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Survey Says Customers Hate Being Put on Hold - Here’s How to Fix That

Customers never like being put on hold ever. Find out how to manage this customer service issue and avoid it.

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Millennials Matter: 5 Ways This Generation is Changing Customer Service

Millennials are taking back the power in the customer-brand relationship, and customer service is evolving to accommodate Millennial preferences in 5 main ways.

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Improving User Experience & Customer Service via Co-Browsing

One of the most effective features live chat has for reducing abandonments is called co-browsing which enables an agent to browse along with a visitor, viewing the screen just as the visitor sees it.

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6 Ways to Make Your Customer Service 6 Times More Efficient Using Live Chat

Boost your business’s customer service to the utmost capability by following these 6 ways to shape your customer service to be 6 times more efficient through live chat.

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5 Ways to Ensure Customer Service Agents Protect Patient Privacy

Velaro President Alex Bloom discusses 5 privacy training tips for healthcare customer service agents.

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4 Tips for Building Customer Loyalty Through Live Chat

Live chat impacts customer loyalty whether it’s good or bad, so train your team to provide the best chat experience.

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4 Live Chat Tips to Ensure a Memorable Experience for Website Visitors

Create a memorable experience for your website visitors by utilizing these 4 live chat tips.

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3 Ways Live Chat Agents Fail to Meet Customer Expectations

Aiming to provide consistent and successful customer service to satisfy your customers? Keep your business informed by checking out the 3 ways live chat agents fail to meet customer expectations.

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