about us

Our mission is to help scale businesses
through smart and more human engagements

Who we are

Profitable and privately held, our only need is to serve you, our customer

Founded back in 2000, as the leading provider of live chat software for enterprise customers and small businesses who demand the best, we have evolved our platform to include marketing and sales automation, providing no-code key business stack components to engage and nurture prospects and leads, and increase customer lifetime value.

Our engagement platform collects, unifies, and automates first-party data workflows via the following channels: Live Chat, Messaging, Chatbots, Co-Browsing, Secure Form, Texting/SMS, Feedback, Voice, Ticketing, and Knowledge Base. We fit in our customers’ marketing tech stack’s engagement layer, with a system of tools that generate and qualify leads, improve sales, and increase conversions with online customer engagement.

Why Velaro

Improving engagement experiences

We are a team of developers, data engineers, product managers, strategists, and user experience designers, fueled with the passion to continue evolving our SaaS engagement platform. Within our organization, we put our people first, as this, in turn, strengthens our customer relationships.
If you have a business that needs to improve your human connections with your prospects and customers, our technology can benefit you by integrating and working ‘ out of the box ’ with the most popular website and e-commerce engines. Velaro will enhance your customers’ engagements and experiences with personalization and intent, whether via phone, live chat, text, bots, messaging platforms or e-mail. You’ll be able to manage, track, visualize and ultimately convert interactions across all channels.

We gain from every one of our client interactions and we will continue to improve our product and services; we’ll never stop learning and fostering new ideas.
Where we are

We believe great ideas come from anywhere

Our company is based in the United States, with headquarters in both Los Angeles and Baltimore.  We also have key roles in smaller offices located in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Our scalable technology lives worldwide within the Microsoft Azure framework, allowing us to accommodate massively large implementations while adhering to local data and privacy laws.

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