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Enhance your customer experience and automate engagements with our virtual assistant agents. Handle surveys, create tickets, capture and qualify leads, search for answers and articles, schedule events, transact purchases or perform custom functions as you need.

Get started with these top five
templated chatbots

Deploy templates of common setups for task-specific automations

Concierge Bot

Greet visitors and manage path options while waiting in the queue.

Lead Bot

Qualify contacts and nurture leads that boost your online conversion rates.

Service Bot

Triage and solve issues, create support tickets, and manage cases.

Knowledge Bot

Search your library of articles to help agents and visitors with

Velaro Q&A Bot

Q & A Bot

Create a conversational bot by scanning through FAQ documents.

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Connect with greetings and invitations

Chatbots qualify leads in seconds using automated greetings and invitations, set based on marketing campaign preferences, history and behaviors and by redirecting users to the right agents and channels.

Utilize chatbots to automate lead capture and triage support

Chatbots easily capture much of the initial discovery work for sales and marketing teams using both path-based menus and natural language understanding sessions. Provide 24-hour service to capture visitor intent, enable self-service tools, and route to other purpose-fit chatbots such as sales, support, or to an available online agent.

Create conversation paths and response buttons

Formulate custom conversations with one-click easy response buttons that allow visitors to navigate the conversation to perform self-service functions.

Capture data for
workflow rules

With every chatbot interaction, you can monitor the performance for future tweaks, optimizations, and continuous improvements. Simultaneously set custom data fields to collect specific customer data and customize conversation flows.

Configure a variety
of conversational actions

Design conversation paths with actions including natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) tasks.

Perform back office functions, interact with your CRM or ERP systems to trigger and drive transactions, create records, qualify leads and capture preferences to build customer profiles.

Deliver instant answers
directly from the Knowledge Base

With the use of Velaro’s Knowledge Base, chatbots can provide an exceptional service and benefit both internal and external users. Your articles can supplement your bot content and reduce the burden of re-creating highly tailored bot responses.

For your agents

Assist live agents with content assets and topic specific responses provided by keyword search of your company’s content library. Allow agents to select a response or article and insert it into the real-time conversation.

For your visitors

Build a knowledge base chatbot to deliver articles based on self-serve matched intent and keyword search. Deliver a conversational message based on the summary of an article to make the customer experience more fluid.

Automate lead generation

Deploy intelligent chatbots
to boost your conversions

Velaro’s AI powered chatbots help businesses like yours with the creation of rich, personalized and more human experiences that leverage leads.

Cognitive Services

Extract information from unstructured text, understand visitors’ requests, automate Q&A sessions, mask unwanted language, and use machine learning to improve the engagement experience.

Natural Language Understanding

Train your chatbots to understand the intent of a visitor’s message and deliver the correct answer or perform an action.

Text Analytics

Detect visitor sentiment, key phrases and named entities by analyzing conversations in real-time chats. Capture all the data from these interactions and use workflow rules to build detailed customer profiles.

Content Moderator

Catch unwanted content or potentially offensive words, flag text against your custom lists and masked the material to protect agents and customers.


Identify language input and translate to more than 60 supported languages.

Enterprise Cognitive Services

Enable your Microsoft LUIS AI service to integrate directly with Velaro chatbots.


Produce styling and branding specifications using our out of the box designer tool.  


Create rich and relevant experiences for every user with real-time learning AI chatbots. Automate custom responses and action flows based on customers’ behavior.

Custom Built

Exact styling and branding specifications, individualized by groups, using our out-of-the-box WCAG designer tool. For even more flexibility, use Velaro professional services to integrate with any proprietary service or architecture to extend your self-service reach to your customers.

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