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Create & manage content

Create your own online
content library in one place

Write and manage your articles, topics, and categories,
and structure your content with ease.
No-code article editor

Intuitive no-code article editor

Customize your content in the user-friendly editor panel. Format text, add images, videos, hyperlinks, tables and more.

Organize your knowledge base

Categorize your information

Organize your knowledge base with categories and topics and make searching and navigating convenient for your customers, agents and search queries.

Conversational AI search

Integrate your knowledge base
with chatbots

Make your chatbots more intelligent when you connect them to your knowledge
base repository. Optimize your customer support workload with an automated conversational AI assistant that performs searches, triage visitor intent, and provide informed answers to your online visitors.

Chatbots deliver faster responses

Enhance the customer experience when you link a chatbot to a knowledge base as chatbots can perform high-speed searches and provide quick answers to visitors during engagements.

Customize AI chatbot workflows

Get insights and information with every visitor action to refine chatbot suggestions, actions, and prompts.

Automate FAQ conversations

Provide customers with a carousel of answers to questions when asked during a conversation chat with a chatbot. The Q&A chatbot can be simply programmed to open articles within the same browser, a new tab, or a new window.

all hours service

Enable self-service widgets anywhere on your website

Help your customers to find answers and troubleshoot on their own wherever they are on your website. You can embed knowledge base customizable widgets on any webpage.

Support team assistance

Build an internal knowledge base for your team

Create a private and password protected collection of internal information for your team and agents. During active engagements, agents can easily access data via search function, allowing them to communicate confidently and provide optimal customer service.

additional features

Scale your customer support
and improve customer happiness

Give your customers instant access to the answers they need when they need them, when you create a knowledge base, the repository of information that will reduce agents load, lower costs, save time and provide 24/7 self- service help.

Publish in a custom domain

Configurable homepage with optimized searching capabilities.

Privacy and protection

Enable a private or public knowledge base portal with password protection.

SEO capabilities

Optimize your knowledge base content with SEO settings.

SSL support

Included out of the box with Velaro subscriptions.

Customize with JavaScript

Available for advanced users.

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