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Easy Ways to Enable eCommerce Growth with Live Chat

Reducing shopping cart abandonment, increasing retention AND offering proactive customer service with smart eCommerce-live chat integration.

Enable eCommerce growth with live chat. The top live chat companies all have something in common: they all boast the ability to prevent product and cart abandonment; today, it’s a standard promise. In fact, today, customers expect a live chat service agent to be at-the-ready at the time of purchase. When surveyed, 79% of online shoppers cite instant answers during checkout as the main reason live chat improves their online shopping experience.

So how do retailers wow customers in such a competitive marketplace? By offering proactive, cross-platform, advanced customer service on their eCommerce sites. Advanced customer service includes personalized, proactive chat conversations that not only answer questions and reduce friction but offer related or suggested products and services.

To provide this level of data-informed advanced service management, leading retailers are integrating their online chat and eCommerce platforms such as Magento. Current actions, past purchases, upsell opportunities, and more are all available at a glance so agents can make the shopping experience that much more memorable for every customer.

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Benefits of live chat eCommerce platform integration

Cross-Platform Visibility

Has your customer recently called with a complaint? Do they have outstanding bills? Maybe there’s a coupon waiting to be used. Integrated live chat/eCommerce arrangements allow customer service reps to view live chat history, information stored in the eCommerce system, and CRM data all in one location. This means service reps can view customer information across platforms to ensure each interaction is informed and productive—without ever having to leave the live chat portal.

Proactive Interaction

Leading live chat platforms like Velaro employ powerful technology to automate proactive interactions through a combination of rule-based and human-initiated engagements. A Velaro-Magento integration, for example, allows you to automate the pop of a chat invitation, helps agents to proactively reach out to customers mid-shop when a customer hits a key product page, or alert on-call reps that a VIP customer is at risk of abandoning a cart. This type of integration allows companies to intervene in the moment that matters rather than after the fact in response to disappointing sales numbers, which is critical to eCommerce growth.

Predictive Analytics

Integrating a leading live chat solution that offers a robust analytics suite with a top eCommerce platform such as Magento provides companies with the ability to predict shopping behaviors on their eCommerce sites—and then take action. You can automate activities such as showing customers similar products and upselling to shoppers through chat, based on key Magento actions such as products entering a cart or a certain total cart value.

Leveraging online chat during eCommerce sessions is proven to reduce cart abandonment, yet utilizing a fully integrated Velaro Magento environment can help to not only reduce abandonment but increase productivity, satisfaction, retention, and upsell success rate.

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