While live chat is an amazing tool for interacting with potential and existing customers alike, unless your live chat system is properly integrated with your CRM software, you’re missing out.

Here are four ways live chat CRM integration can improve your business’ efficiency:

1. Create New Leads & Contacts Automatically

Every single consumer your chat operators come in contact with on a daily basis is a potential lead for your business. So why would you want that crucial lead data to be trapped inside your live chat system?

By integrating your live chat software with your CRM, vital data such as contact information can be used to create new leads and contact records, allowing your sales team to give them the proper attention required.

2. Archive Chat Transcripts

Just as you would want to capture contact information from your live chat software and pass it through as a new lead record in your CRM system, the same can be said for chat transcripts.

By integrating your live chat system with your CRM, chat logs can be stored and used by your sales team to make better decisions and improve interactions. By knowing more about the lead based on chat interactions, your sales efforts can become more personalized and useful to your potential customers.

3. Interact With Chat Leads Directly From CRM

What this all boils down to is the ability for salespeople to interact with chat leads directly from within the CRM in which they spend most of their time. Not only are the contacts created in the CRM for them to follow up with, but any chat interactions that had taken place are stored there.

This allows your sales team to act more efficiently and effectively, without having to hunt for the information they need. As a result, customers get the answers they’re looking for even more quickly.

4. Improve the Overall Customer Experience

Integrating your CRM with your live chat software can improve the user experience for existing customers as well as potential leads. Having a history of an individual’s chats with the company, their recent purchases, and account information can expedite troubleshooting and problem solving, which is especially important when a customer is frustrated or dissatisfied. Addressing issues quickly and deftly can boost satisfaction and improve retention rates, saving your firm money and protecting its customer base

Regardless of what CRM your firm uses, choosing a live chat vendor that doesn’t allow for integration between the two may be holding your company back.

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