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Tips for Improving Overall Customer Satisfaction with Online Customer Service

Most of us think we’re great at serving our customers and we can all think of a few anecdotes that illustrate how much our clients love us. But are you simply doing what is expected of you or are you truly great?

Today, it’s easy for consumers to identify and move to substitutes for your products/services when they feel that they can get better value, and service elsewhere. As a result, customer expectations are expanding while tolerance for poor performance is shrinking.

What sets apart an organization that is loved by their clients from your average run-of-the-mill company is the organization’s ability to handle problems and turn a bad situation into a positive branding opportunity.

This involves ensuring that you are consistently exceeding client expectations and turning your clients into advocates for your product and services. If you can take an unhappy client and transform them into a loyal advocate before they go to a competitor, then you have the potential to be a great organization.

To help, consider some of the tips below for responding to and resolving customer issues to improve overall customer satisfaction:

Provide your customer with a variety of interaction mediums

Some of your clients may prefer to get on the phone, some are ok with email, and a growing number prefer live chat. With live chat software, your client will get instant interaction and clear and concise communication – if your staff is properly trained and equipped. Instant interaction with clear and concise communication is the perfect combination for someone in need of assistance.

Know your customer

To best serve your clients you need to understand them. This includes knowing what purchases they’ve made from you and any issues they may have had previously. You must have this information at your fingertips when you engage with your client to serve them properly. With Velaro, our seamless integration with a variety of CRM systems makes this effortless. You can access and update CRM records directly from your customer service agent’s live chat window.

Strive to continuously learn and improve

The best organizations understand that every interaction and every customer service agent isn’t perfect. Therefore, ongoing training and refinement of processes and procedures are critical. With Velaro online customer service chat, management can monitor chats that are in-progress and chat transcripts can be saved and automatically added to a customer record for later review.

Customer Advocates and Online Customer Service Chat

Cultivating customer advocates that will spread the word about your company’s products and services requires exceptional customer service and support. It’s crucial that you have the right tools and expertise to facilitate this level of service and support. And online customer service chat is one of the right tools you must include in the mix to drive customer retention and optimize the customer experience for your team and business.

Don't let your customers slip away. Try Velaro Live Chat into your website and start seeing the positive impact on your business.

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