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Why Your Business Needs Live Chat Integration with Google Analytics

Velaro’s live chat software enables businesses to communicate directly with their customers and helps to ensure a positive customer experience. The live chat integration feature enables firms to transform conversations into useful information that can improve business operations. Velaro offers live chat integration with Google Analytics, the robust program that shows you who your customers are, what they’re looking for, and their activity on your site. So, how could your business use live chat analytics?

How business use Google Analytics

1) Set and Monitor Your Achievement Toward Goals

With Google Analytics, you can set unique goals for your customers’ engagement, and review goal completion rates. Are responses to chat requests prompt? Are customers using the chat feature? By determining goals and then assessing performance, you can determine where there are service gaps that need to be addressed, and where your company is succeeding.  

2) Understand Your Customers  

While you might think you know who your customers are, chat software integration with Google Analytics provides you with greater insight. The impressive program can not only tell you demographic information such as where the user is located, their gender, and age, but also valuable details like their interests, the device they’re using to chat, and how they found your site.  

As a result, you can determine common traits of those within your target market. This background knowledge can help you tailor your company’s approach to chatting with customers to serve them better.  

3) Make Informed Decisions  

Using Google Analytics to evaluate your live chat data via website visitors gives you the power to use customer feedback to make informed decisions. Is there a particular product issue that customers mention in most chats? Is there enough chat traffic to justify the size of your chat agent staff? Maybe you need more agents? Answering these questions becomes easier with live chat analytics and leads to smarter spending and happier customers. Who doesn’t want that?  

4) Increase Customer Conversions  

In addition, pairing your live chat software with web analytics can pinpoint ways to improve your conversion rates. Google Analytics can determine when a conversion has been made, which chat agent assisted with a conversion, as well as the conversion’s dollar value.  

This means, for example, that you can determine if a customer is more likely to convert after having chatted with an agent. You can also establish which agents have the highest number of conversions and have them share their best practices with their coworkers.  

In addition, using live chat integration with Google Analytics can be useful in figuring out where and when you should promote the ability to engage in a live chat. By A/B testing different chat promotions, you can analyze if there is a difference in conversions.  

Live chat integration with Google Analytics can also help you understand which of your pages are the most popular exit pages. For instance, if Google Analytics shows that customers aren’t getting to the checkout page – then your organization should consider having a chat window proactively pop up after they add an item to their cart. This allows the agent to ensure the customer will follow through with the sale, which increases the outlook of revenue growth for the business.

Read further on live chat integration with Google Analytics in this next blog.

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