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Benefits of Engagement: 5 Reasons Why Enterprise Live Chat is Good for Business

With the business landscape gearing towards web-based sales and eCommerce, driving traffic to websites is what most businesses are focused on.

Those involved in online entrepreneurship know that driving traffic to your site is difficult but making prospective clients stay is much tougher.

You may have the best website design, your products may be the best in the market, but why are people still leaving your site after a few seconds? You’re probably not asking them to stay.

Immediate support will keep your customers within your site. Much like a physical store, when there is no one there to assist a customer, they will leave. The equivalent of a person welcoming you into a shop is enterprise live chat support. Customers need to know that their needs are valued, and someone can attend to them in a moment.

The Many Advantages of Live Chat for Driving Business Success: 5 Key Reasons

While it's clear that live chat support can enhance your business by providing immediate assistance to website visitors, the benefits of live chat extend far beyond that. Here are some key benefits of implementing live chat support on your website:

Reason 1: Better Customer Service

Business is not just selling. If you want loyal customers and keep a steady stream of clients, customer service must be the top priority for you. Neglecting their needs can cost you money and even ruin your business.

Live chat keeps customers pleased. Customers hate waiting, they want the feeling of having someone directly addressing their concerns in real-time, they want someone guiding them through their decision-making process–from scanning your offers to making the payment.

When you keep your clients pleased, you keep their business and their trust. This is how you keep long-term relationships in business–an age-old strategy of successful businesses.

Reason 2: Selling Your Product

“Wait? Isn’t that what I’ve always been doing? Am I not selling my product?”

You know that displaying your product and having compelling copy is most times not enough to make a conversion. Clients go back multiple times before finally making a purchase. With enterprise live chat, your representative is not only a troubleshooter but a salesperson as well.

When you are given the opportunity to interact one-on-one with your customer, you should use the opportunity to sale. Live chat makes the customers come to you, which is a priceless asset in business. If they’re not ready to decide, chattign with an agent may be the reason why they decided to make the purchase. According to Business Wire, 75% of Customers still favor live chat support for customer service. Essentially, people prefer engaging with people, especially in a customer service situation that could become emotional or complex.

Having someone to talk to makes it easier for customers to make purchases. They feel at ease now that they are not interacting to the cold wall of your website, they are talking to a human being.

Enterprises that use live chat can monitor the direct benefits in chat-to-sales conversion reports which should be supplied by the software provider. These reports give you a clearer picture of live chat’s performance in terms of its role in completed shopping cart transactions. Always choose live chat software that provides these detailed and conclusive reports as they help you see how live chat pays for itself.

Reason 3: The Customers Will Stay

Live chat keeps your bounce rate to a minimum. Bounce rates measure how fast customers leave. It is the number representing the percentage of customers who leave instead of exploring your site and getting to know your products. When you have live chat, it is instant engagement.

Customers appreciate the engagement. Through this method, there is a higher chance that customers are encouraged to get to know more about your product and you are given the chance to clear up any doubts they might have had.

Reason 4: It Saves You Money

Customer service takes up a sizable chunk of your operating expenses. Having live chat support significantly reduces the cost of providing support to your clients. Instead of contracting a call center or having an elaborate help desk system in tow, live chat provides you with a more cost-effective and efficient means of addressing issues.

It also reduces your human resource expenses. When you hire someone for the dedicated job of answering phone calls, they are only able to address one customer at a time. With almost all people savvy in handling multiple conversations in chat, your live chat agents are sure to be competent in talking to multiple customers simultaneously. You can even spread the work per department to improve the quality of service and reduce costs further.

However, the security of their operation processes, customer information, and other sensitive data are always areas of concern for enterprises. Businesses should enlist the services of a provider which can ensure top-notch information protection, ability to block potentially harmful IP addresses like hackers and spammers, and 24/7 support.

Reason 5: Live Chat Helps Improve Your Product and Website

Feedback is very valuable. So much is spent on conducting focus group studies and elaborate surveys. You even find methods of funneling your customers into answering the online surveys you provide before and after sales. eCommerce has outgrown these approaches.

Having an actual person initiate a chat with your clients gives you a higher rate of response through friendly conversation. Not only do you keep your customers on your site, but you also gather detailed customer feedback which are considered gold bars in the field of business.

Use the information you gather to improve your product and the way you approach business.

Remember, repeat customers are the lifeblood of successful businesses. Customer service and engagement are the guided arrows that hit this target. Live chat support gives you an edge over your competitors and keeps your customers happy, resulting in a worthy investment for any business.

Don't let your customers slip away. Try Velaro Live Chat into your website and start seeing the positive impact on your business.

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