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Why It’s Important for Live Chat to be Integrated with Your CRM

Your business will greatly benefit from integrating your CRM software with live chat. Find out why.

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Which Live Chat Customer Service Style: Casual or Formal?

Is a casual or formal style the better choice for live chat customer service? Read more to find out which customer service style is best suited for your business.

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The Importance of Mobile Customer Engagement for Ecommerce Stores

Learn why it is important to engage mobile users for ecommerce growth and success, and why live chat for mobile is the right solution.

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Live Chat Etiquette – Tips for an Exceptional Chat Experience

Live chat etiquette tips, from both a user and customer service representative perspective, to elevate your business’s next live chat experience with prospective and current customers.

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How to Prepare for 3 Types of Live Chat Conversation

Read more about the 3 types of live chat conversation to optimize your business’s live chat agent strategy and strengthen customer service.

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Benefits of Engagement: 5 Reasons Why Enterprise Live Chat is Good for Business

Here are 5 reasons why enterprise live chat can improve customer service, customer retention, and revenue.

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6 Building Blocks to the Perfect Complaint Response Plan

Here’s how to remedy customer complaints and prevent unsatisfactory customer service by reading the 6 building blocks to the perfect complaint response plan.

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What Makes Live Chat HIPAA Compliant … or Not?

Learn about the different aspects that verify whether live chat is HIPAA compliant or not.

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4 Reasons Why Live Chat is Better than Messaging Apps

Discover why live chat is the best communication tool for increasing engagement and improving the customer experience.

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3 Tips for Improving Customer Retention with Online Customer Service Chat

Here is how to improve your business’s customer retention strategy through online customer service chat in 3 tips.

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Why Live Chats are More Cost Efficient than Phone Support

Learn why live chat software is overall less expensive to operate than phone support and helps prevent call quality issues.

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A Bite-Sized Guide to Proactive Communication & Customer Service

Proactive communication is key when improving your customer loyalty and driving retention. Learn more about the benefits of proactive communications for your company.

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