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3 Reasons Why Live Chat Tech Support Will Reduce Costs & Increase Customer Satisfaction

Learn why providing live chat tech support is essential to increase customer satisfaction while reducing online support costs.

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Live Chat Integration: Needs vs. Wants

What are the needs and wants of live chat integration?

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Common Live Chat Reporting Metrics: How Do You Rank?

The best way to gauge your business’s performance with live chat is through live chat reporting metrics.

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Building a Database of Customer Live Chat Questions

There’s a secret resource waiting that will give your live chat agents a powerful advantage during live help sessions.

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Which is Better for Customer Service? Pop-Ups or Embedded Live Chat Screens?

Live chat is a no-brainer for improving customer service, but how is it best offered?

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How to Monitor Your Website Traffic

Get a full picture of every website visitor with Velaro’s chat monitoring software and Contact Manager data.

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On-Premise Live Chat vs. Cloud-Based Live Chat

Learn more about the different features of on-premise live chat versus cloud-based live chat.

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Mobile Ecommerce and Mobile Chat

Mobile chat is one of four key tactics to reduce shopping cart abandonment from mobile visitors. Read on to learn more about mobile chat and mobile ecommerce for your business.

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Live Chat Integration with Google Analytics: The Future of Customer Service Insights

Tracking customer service interactions is critical for improving and training your team.

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How to Prevent a Live Chat Security Breach

Make sure your business’s live chat is secure and protected from external and internal threats. Read more on how to prevent your live chat data from being hacked or stolen.

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Ecommerce Live Chat Statistics - The Basics

Live chat is non-negotiable for ecommerce sites. You may opt for fancier or more basic tools to do it, you may opt to only make it available certain hours or to fully staff it 24/7.

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What is a Great Live Chat and CRM Integration?

Learn what makes a “great” live chat integration to your CRM and ticketing systems.

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