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Common Live Chat Reporting Metrics: How Do You Rank?

Any data and performance consultant will tell you that the best way to gauge your organization’s improvement is to measure against your own historical performance, comparing the present against both recent history and annual/seasonal trends (e.g., monthly/quarterly Year Over Year comparison).

That said, every organization that receives that guidance is still left hungry for a sense of what “normal” or “average” might be.

Fortunately, as far as live chat reporting is concerned, Velaro Live Chat includes stats such as:

  • Average time waiting in the queue for live chat
  • Average total chat time
  • The busiest hour(s) of the day for live chat

These stats are based on the millions of chat sessions logged by Velaro’s customers every year. Your organization can use this live chat reporting information as a baseline to set expectations for your live chat efforts until you have built up your own reliable set of historical data.

More about Live Chat Reporting

There are a multitude of metrics you can track, in addition to those above, to help improve your organization’s customer service efforts. In short, tracking activity at the visitor, agent, and organization level each can help inform your efforts to continuously improve. You may also want to consider the human element in live chat reporting. Without a willingness to change and without attention to possible perverse incentives, it’s possible that even the best metrics will lead your organization astray.

Additionally, to learn about an additional components of live chat, chat routing and live chat workflows, check out this blog.

eCommerce Live Chat Reporting

For eCommerce live chat reporting specifically, you will want to utilize live chat integration with your eCommerce platform.

This allows you to determine which of your live chat agents and which product pages are responsible for producing the most revenue for your business. Once you’ve identified this, you can scale your success by directing more traffic to these individuals and pages and by replicating what works across multiple agents/pages.

Read more about best practices for eCommerce live chat here.

Improving Your Performance with Live Chat Reporting

Live chat can produce tremendous ROI, in the form of both cost-savings and revenue generation, even within the first year (in some instances, within 30 days). Already, many organizations that have discovered this about live chat software are eager to get even more return from their investment in this technology.

By partnering with Velaro, you are positioning your organization to continuously increase its ROI by utilizing our powerful (and more importantly: actionable!) live chat reporting to drive improvements.

Savvy consumers know the additional value is there to be had from live chat software, and savvy business leaders are always eager for direct, simple ways to increase the ROI of their efforts and of their partnerships with vendors.

To learn more about how the right live chat reporting can help your business increase ROI and raise customer service expectations, contact the Velaro Sales Team.

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