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What is a Great Live Chat and CRM Integration?

What does it mean if something is “great?”  Would my definition of great be the same as yours?  Most likely my “great” is someone else’s “good.”  The definition of “great” is relative.  It depends on your past experiences and expectations.  But should the same hold for the word “integration?”  When it comes to live chat integration with a CRM system it appears that the word “integration” can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Here we explore what a “great” integration should be.

Great integrations

In the blog post called Why It’s Important for Live Chat to be Integrated with Your CRM, we mentioned the importance, and potential impact, of integrating your live chat solution with a variety of third-party applications. Here are a few ways a properly executed integration with live chat such as Velaro’s should function:

• Allow live chat agents to seamlessly access the CRM and support ticketing system with a single log-in and within the live chat platform.

• Allow live chat agents to create new contacts and support tickets directly from the live chat agent workspace.

• Allow live chat agents to search existing CRM records, accounts, contacts, and support tickets directly from the engagement panel as chat as occurring.

• Allow the live chat agent to transfer data and chat transcripts (time and date stamped) directly into the CRM record – no cutting and pasting.

Flawed integrations

The following are examples of not so “great” integrations that lack efficiency and provide a disadvantage to agents when trying to offer excellent customer service:

• Agents have to click a URL within the live chat agent interface to access the log-in page for the CRM or support ticketing system. This separate link takes them to a separate workspace, which could be a different browser window or app, creating a distraction that takes them away from engaging with the customer during an active live chat session.

• Agents must then log into the CRM or support ticketing system even though they are already logged into their live chat software interface.

• Agents have to cut or copy information in their live chat system interface and then paste it into the proper fields in the CRM or support ticketing system, increasing tasks and time that could be instead used to tend to the customer needs.

In order to maximize your team’s efficiency, make sure that the live chat solution you pick has the tools to make a live chat and CRM system integration flawless, empowering your agents to perform all the tasks a CRM system offers within the same place engagements are happening. No extra effort to log in on separate windows, no confusion when navigating between different browser windows, and no diversion or disruption while actively engaging with your customers.

Find out more about Velaro's integrations here.

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