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Integrate your website’s live chat and messaging with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP records and get a single view of your customers’ interactions. Give your marketing and sales teams the ability to manage, monitor, and learn insights about your existing and potential customers, and enhance your sales and lead tracking strategies.

Improve customer retention with a proactive approach to online communication

Anticipate your customers’ needs when you connect your website visitors’ interactions with your CRM system. Velaro makes it easy for agents to create, review and modify Dynamics data records with a single click, and without ever leaving the engagement dashboard.
With Velaro you can:

Create new user records in Microsoft Dynamics directly within Velaro’s live chat window.

Capture incoming marketing campaign data and attributes from invitations and chatbot interactions.

Improve customer satisfaction when you use actionable data from your CRM contact records to inform agents during active conversation sessions.

Create new leads with data acquired from specific webpage visits such as knowledge base articles, pricing, product pages, etc.

Automatically save chat transcripts, page navigation history, metadata, and survey results to Microsoft Dynamics.

Access, track and automate engagement performance reports and conversions metrics such as shopping cart abandonment, support time, visitor wait time, and more.

Automate self-service throughout the customer buying cycle. With the integration, customers can perform business processes such as checking the status of orders, updating profile information, or creating support tickets

Maximize your ROI and manage your sales pipeline effectively

Velaro is an enterprise customer engagement solution that runs on Microsoft Azure. As a Microsoft development partner, Velaro integrates fully and seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, providing a robust and configurable set of tools, reports, automation, and actionable data, to help your organization’s teams manage sales objectives and strategies.  

Qualify leads and turn your customer relationship management tool into a consistent, measurable, and sustainable driver for revenue growth.

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Maximize the value of your Microsoft Dynamics solution by integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 live chat, messaging and self-service engagement event information directly to records in Dynamics Sales and Customer Service Hubs. Velaro Chat for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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