• Velaro for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365

    Whether you are using Dynamics CRM, Dynamics 365 for Sales, or Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, Velaro can help you to continuously improve agent performance, utilize predictive analytics, and more. Read more about how below.

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Looking to get more value out of your CRM?

Read how Velaro can increase your value from Dynamics by 400%+ in this Note from Nucleus Research.

The Value of Velaro Guide

Performance-Driven Conversations

Velaro helps organizations to extract more growth opportunities for staff members, using the normal interactions they have with customers every day. Managers can use real-time data to support their coaching efforts, continuously improving agent performance even during active conversations.

Performance reporting helps to associate message transcripts and other agent-level behaviors with conversions and sales data. This informs managers about how they can increase their ROI from the Velaro product, by magnifying what works and altering what doesn’t across their teams.

Microsoft Dynamics Integration Guide

Agent Scheduling

Predictive guidance, built from robust, intelligent data sources now allow for customer service organizations to anticipate needs before the customer has a chance to go to another provider to address them. Intelligent, personalized outreach is made possible by accessing data from across systems, enhancing every customer service interaction.

Dynamics 365 for Sales not only helps identify what to say but also prioritizes who is most worth speaking to. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service detects sentiment and intent to help inform agent response. Velaro brings this data to the agent’s fingertips so that they never have to leave their engagement window to know what to do.

This is a major win for customer retention as well as for operations, as this predictive guidance is informed by automated data analysis, rather than time-consuming manual reporting.

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Moving from Reactive to Proactive in Customer Engagement

Historically, customer service (in both sales and support) has followed a reactive model: the customer is looking for something, and you respond to that need. Predictive guidance now allows for customer service organizations to take a proactive approach.

In addition to retention and cost-efficiency, this shift to proactive customer engagement helps establish brands as providers of superior customer service. Just as customers have come to expect agents to know their preferences and history immediately upon engaging the agent, soon customers will be expecting organizations to reach out to them having anticipated their needs.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Commit to serving your customers in a systematic, but human manner. For the customer, service is always about convenience—but you can’t neglect operations or marketing.

You must make each customer interaction cost-efficient, as well as a remarkable experience, in order to sustainably provide the kind of customer service that drives customer satisfaction, retention, and advocacy.

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Reduce Operating Costs

Velaro makes it easy for agents to create and/or modify Dynamics records with a single click- minimizing burdens on customer service staff, and thereby increasing the adoption of the CRM.

Omni-channel customer service, efficient and convenient self-service via chatbots, and use of actionable data to inform continuous improvement are already becoming key determinants of contact center success and will increasingly serve as a differentiator between leading and lagging customer service organizations.