• Workflows and Routing

    Workflows & Routing

    Quickly connect visitors with the right agent, agent team, or digital resource.

    Direct your customers’ inquiries based on schedule, agent skill sets, tier, or visitor demographics and/or activity.

Skill-Based Chat Routing

Skill-Based Chat Routing

Simple question? Send it to a Tier 1 agent. Complex issue? You probably want Tier 3. Velaro lets you get the right chat to the right agent with skill-based routing capabilities. Whether you’re directing all traffic in certain areas to a specific group of users or granting the power of choice to visitors, you can easily set up your live help workflow to mirror your organization’s layout.

Agent Scheduling

Precisely control the time your live chat is available by defining a schedule. Velaro allows you to define each day of the week within a schedule so that all your shifts are represented. Are groups of agents staffed at different times throughout the day? Not a problem! Create group-specific schedules to meet any requirement. Visitors, agents and supervisors all benefit from the enhanced predictability.

Agent Scheduling

Advanced Workflow & Queue-Based Routing

Group Selection & Re-selection

With Velaro’s world-class visitor monitoring technology, you can easily define rules to evaluate website visitors’ activity and assign them to the correct group. Selection can happen as soon a visitor hits a page, or after they’ve submitted a chat request. You can even leverage their survey answers to help route them to the correct agent. If their behavior changes, their group changes, too.



Set up customer service tiers within your enterprise to control the flow of chats to different agents or groups of agents. Tiers let you define up to 10 different levels to distribute users to – whether you’re escalating chats or setting up overflow valves for when agents are unavailable, tiers will enhance your workflow and speed response time.

Chat Routing

Control how engagements are distributed to your team by using Velaro’s auto-routing and queueing engine. Auto-routing chats efficiently distributes requests to agents based on easily defined rules and algorithms. Queueing chats will give agents the ability to manually accept engagement requests, giving them maximum flexibility and control.

Transfer Options

The first agent to “pick up” a chat isn’t always the right one to finish it. Velaro makes it easy for CSRs to transfer chats to a specific agent or anyone in a pre-defined group of agents (Tier 2 support reps, for instance). You can even create rules to automatically transfer users.


Chat Exit Options

All chats must come to an end. Velaro lets you define exactly when that happens, and what happens after. Automatically close chats that have gone dormant, and offer customized warnings before it happens. Instantly email transcripts to users, agents or supervisors. Send data to third-party systems like Salesforce or NetSuite. It’s your call.


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