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    Enterprise Security

    At Velaro, we understand the trust your customers place in you, and our security features make sure it’s never violated. Our click-to-chat tools are designed with privacy and compliance in mind – and we’re happy to customize data storage and flows to meet your exact needs. Whatever your internal rules or external regulations, Velaro can meet them.

256-bit SSL Security

Keeping your data secure is Velaro’s top priority. All chats and transactions recorded within the system are encrypted using 256-bit SSL (secure socket layer) standards. Velaro employs state-of-the-art firewalls and other third-party services (including a world-class Microsoft Azure hosting environment) to provide reliable, safe and trusted interactions between you and your visitors. And if you have custom corporate or industry requirements, we’re happy to meet them.

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Role-Based Security

Role-Based Security

All users within Velaro are assigned at least one role that dictates what they’re able to access. By assigning roles to users, you’re able to easily configure just who can take chats, who can change settings, who can access configuration tools and who can run reports.

IP Address Blocking

Not all chats are legitimate – whether it’s a high schooler blowing off class or an offensive visitor, agents need to have the tools to handle bothersome situations. Velaro allows agents to block visitors based on their IP address, which is available in any chat. Administrators can review and lift bans if deemed necessary.

IP Address Blocking

Sensitive Data Masking

Data security is vital, and with Velaro’s sensitive data masking you can be assured that data is handled correctly. When a visitor enters sensitive data into chat (like a credit card number), Velaro can prevent it from being viewed or archived in any way.

Enterprise Password Management

Enterprise Password Management

Don’t let your users get sloppy with weak password choices. With Velaro’s enterprise password management, you’re able to set rules that must be followed when users set their password. Foil hackers by requiring special characters, setting a minimum length or forcing passwords to be changed frequently.


Custom Data Retention Management

By default, we store all chat transcripts in our system for two years, then archive them for the life of your account. Alternatively, using our customizable Compliance Mode, clients can easily turn off data storage or offload to a third-party source while continuing to track valuable chat performance metrics within Velaro.

Administrative Audit Logging and Reporting

Every action a user takes within Velaro is noted in an audit log for administrators to review. Rest easy knowing that if an employee makes a mistake, whether small or large, that you can identify what occurred, where and when. The audit log even tells you what a configuration was set to before it was changed, so you can quickly restore configurations if need be.


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