• Velaro Reporting & Analytics

    Reporting & Analytics

    With Velaro, you can filter, view and analyze enterprise-wide live help performance with the industry’s most robust set of reporting tools. See what’s happening in real time, or run regularly scheduled reports. Export information into web views, PDF or Excel worksheets. Customize reports globally, or user-by-user. It’s the exact data you need, when and where you need it.

Robust, Configurable Reporting

Ever wonder whether a particular tool is delivering ROI? You’ll never have to think twice about how your live chat agents are performing with Velaro. Whether you want to run basic reports or dig into the details, real-world business intelligence and insights are always at your fingertips.

  • Search and filter reports based on contextual data, including work schedules, departments, response times and weighted averages.
  • Pivot all reports to view data over time (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) or grouped by agent or department.
  • Export reports to PDF, HTML or Excel.
  • Have customized reports automatically emailed daily, weekly or monthly.
Operational KPIs, Data-Rich Widgets and Event-Based Newsfeeds

Dashboard and Newsfeeds

With Velaro, the information you need is always at your fingertips. Oversee your organization’s chat performance in real time with operational KPIs, data-rich widgets and event-based newsfeeds. Agents and administrators can customize their dashboard layout and choose which widgets are most relevant to them.

Key Performance Indicators

Gather insight quickly through KPIs. Whether you’re tracking shopping cart abandonment, total deal size, support time or any other metric, Velaro delivers the insights you need through full data and rich visualizations. Assess and manage your team and workflows more effectively than ever before.

Key Performance Indicators
Never Lose Track of Your Chats With Engagement Reports

Engagement Reports

Never lose track of your chats. Velaro’s engagement report gives you full access to visitor, survey and transcript data for any chat that occurs. You can even send the information directly to your CRM, ticketing system or other third-party system. If it happens within Velaro, you’ll always be able to find it.

Agent & Account Utilization

Get a high-level view of how your live help team is performing using Velaro’s account utilization report. Use out-of-the-box metrics we’ve developed over a decade of managing live chat interactions, or create your own. Measure the performance of groups of agents or individuals.

Agent & Account Utilization

Visitor and Conversion Tracking

Who’s converting? Who’s not? How do you increase the rate? Identify individual user behavior to unlock unique insights and best practices.

Queue Reporting

See how long your visitors are waiting for agents to start their chats. Set your organization’s limits of what is acceptable and quickly shine a light on problem agents, or particular times of day when queues are too long.

Customer Satisfaction

How do you quantify customer satisfaction with an agent’s live chat performance? By offering multiple feedback angles. During a chat, website visitors can express pleasure or displeasure with individual lines of text written by your agents. They can also give measured and quantitative feedback on their entire experience during the chat or afterwards with intuitive surveys.

Customer satisfaction reporting allows your organization to quickly respond to unhappy customers and adapt; the next time your agents have a similar situation, they can improve their responses. By leveraging Net Promoter Scoring and other innovative visualizations, you can easily see where you organization is meeting expectations, and where you need to improve.


Agent Availability

Monitor when your agents sign in and become available in Velaro with the agent availability report. Use the availability Gantt chart to determine exactly who was online during specific times or the raw data to see any user’s specific activity within the system.


Service Level Report

With Velaro’s one-of-a-kind service level report, you’re able to define your organization’s service levels to measure the effectiveness of your team. See how many live chat requests are being serviced appropriately, the average interaction time, and even how long your agents are spending in a chat once the visitor has left.


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