• Robust Velaro Proactive Chat Capabilities

    Proactive Chat

    Ever wish you could reach out directly to interested website visitors and customers? With Velaro, you can. With the industry’s most robust proactive chat capabilities, Velaro makes it possible to invite users to engage with sales or service staff based on any criteria you set. Turn nibbles into sales, and abandoned carts into sustainable revenue.

Automated Live Chat Invitations

Velaro can detect when website visitors have performed a pre-defined action and automatically invite them to chat. Simply define a rule based on Velaro’s visitor monitoring functionality or your own custom data, and when a user meets the criteria, they’ll receive the invitation you crafted. You’ll see an immediate increase in qualified chat volume; just make sure you have enough agents to field all the leads!

Live Chat Solutions

Proactive Chat Requests

In addition to automated chat invitations, you can empower your agents with the ability to send personalized invitations to visitors directly. Agents can use Velaro’s real-time visitor monitoring table to determine who may warrant a personalized message.


Using proactive chat requests, agents can reach out to visitors who might never chat on their own. Velaro will keep of your agent’s proactive chat progress, too, so you can see exactly how many requests are being sent and their success rate.

Customizable Invites

How an invite looks can be just as important as the timing of its delivery. Use Velaro’s premade invitation templates or develop your own HTML content to define exactly how you want your live chat invites to look. Add animations, set visibility timers and control exactly where an invite will appear. Match your brand, drive conversions and turn live help into a sustainable revenue driver.

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