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    Live Chat Performance Management

    Staffing a contact center is expensive. To make the most of your investment, you need to be sure your agents are operating at an extremely high level – and constantly improving. Of course, it’s not realistic for supervisors to watch every engagement. That’s where Live Chat Performance Management comes in. Combining technology, configurability and Velaro’s unique experience, it lets you Make Every Chat Better Than the Last.™

Live Chat Solutions

Chat Review and Feedback

You can’t fix what you can’t measure – and you can’t improve what you don’t see. Velaro lets call center supervisors review agents’ live chat performance as often or as little as they’d like. Want transcripts of every chat? Half? Only ones with particularly high or low post-chat survey ratings? Everything from a particular agent or group of agents? No problem.

Of course, it’s not just about reviewing chat transcripts. Supervisors need to be able to deliver granular feedback for the coaching process to be effective. With Live Chat Performance Management, it’s easy to annotate transcripts and share them back with agents.

Chat Shadowing

With Velaro, supervisors can sit in on any chat they like – and the website visitor never needs to know. Identify coachable moments in real time, communicate with the agent behind the scenes and turn an everyday chat into a real-world training opportunity. There’s no faster way to gently improve live chat rep performance or train new hires.

Response Rating

Velaro goes beyond the traditional post-chat survey. Users can offer feedback on individual responses with simple thumbs up/thumbs down buttons, giving agents and supervisors real-time data on what’s working and what’s not. In the short term, this lets CSRs assess a visitor’s demeanor and act appropriately. In the long term, the ratings add up to supremely insightful business intelligence that’s simply not available with any other live help platform.

Real-time Chat Response Rating

A/B Canned Response Testing

Canned messages are an awesome way to standardize messaging and improve agent productivity. But how can you tell which users actually like? Velaro’s A/B testing functionality lets you create alternate versions of canned responses that are automatically distributed when a rep chooses the original.


Results are tallied as data builds up, and summary reports are made available when appropriate. With this information, live chat supervisors can see which messages have the highest approval ratings and drive the most engagement, then increase usage of the best-performing canned responses.

Live Chat Solutions

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