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    The Basics

    At Velaro, our goal is to help you leverage live chat software as part of your daily customer service workflow. That’s why we offer a robust, customizable solution that’s easy to set up and starts delivering results within hours or days. Use all our advanced features or only what you need – Velaro is live chat built for you.

Click to Chat

Click to Chat

It doesn’t get more basic than this: Offer users the ability to chat with a customer service rep, improving customer satisfaction, increasing conversions and maximizing staff productivity. Velaro click-to-chat windows and calls to action are completely customizable, so they’ll always match your brand.

Live Chat Solutions

Social Network Integration

Give agents an instant 360-degree view of customers by pulling in information from social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Social Network Integration - Live Chat

Social Network Integration


Create custom surveys to ensure your organization is collecting the right information from website visitors. Velaro offers a variety of surveys include pre-chat, post-chat, agent unavailable, and individual agent surveys. All survey submissions are attached to the chat and fully accessible from within our world-class reporting services.


Live Chat Solutions

Personal Canned Messages

Pre-written canned messages are the key to agent efficiency. With Velaro, you can save frequently used responses and give CSRs instant in-window access via an unparalleled tagging and lookup service.

Shared Canned Messages

Velaro is the only live chat provider that lets you share canned responses across groups or your entire enterprise. Using shared canned messages, your entire sales team can share a group of common responses, and your support team can create another set of common responses to their most frequently asked questions.


Push Pages

Don’t just send URLs to your visitors. With Velaro, agents can push relevant pages and upsells directly to customers’ browsers without interrupting the chat.

File Transfer

Agents and visitors don’t need to waste time using email to exchange files. With Velaro, they can do it directly from the chat window. Use our premium integrations to share files directly from leading cloud-based storage solutions.

Agent Roles

Control access to sensitive data with Velaro’s role-based security engine. Only users assigned to certain roles will be able to reach certain areas of the application. How granular you get with access control and management depends on your preferences and organizational needs.


Customizable Buttons and Chat Windows

Match your organization’s branding with Velaro’s fully customizable chat buttons and windows.

Customizable Buttons and Chat Windows

You can improve how your visitors connect with you!

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