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    When it comes to live help for eCommerce, reducing cart abandonment is only the tip of the iceberg.

    Your customers have questions. If they can’t get them answered easily, they’ll be buying from someone else. Your agents need to be one click away, armed with a 360-degree view of the customer and ready to help. That’s the power of Velaro.

Increase Sales Volume & Average Deal Size

With Velaro live chat, agents can easily recommend complementary products and present customers with deals and options when they’re most likely to buy. Reach out proactively based on any criteria you set, or simply offer visitors the option to connect with your team. Say goodbye to abandoned carts and confused customers, and say hello to bigger orders and increased sales volume.

Seamless Integration

Velaro comes pre-integrated with leading eCommerce tools and applications, including Magento, Salesforce, NetSuite and Desk. Instantly see a full history of a customer’s interactions with you, and push post-chat data to your system of record. It’s live help software that fits into your workflows and technology ecosystem from Day 1.

Velaro integrates with leading eCommerce tools & CRMs

Enterprise-Grade Security

With Velaro, your customers’ sensitive data is completely secure. Credit card numbers can be obscured, full audit trails are available and everything is protected by 256-bit SSL security and hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Your customers trust you – and you can trust us.

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Trusted by Top eCommerce Companies

From reducing cart abandonment to creating a higher performing customer service team, Velaro makes progressive live chat attainable, approachable and manageable for leaders in eCommerce across the nation.