Why Live Chat?

Three companies. Three problems.

Three Ways Live Chat Software Saves the Day!

Over the past decade there have been substantial advancements to live chat software. Consumers across demographic lines are increasingly beginning to prefer live chat to phone and email as a way to contact sales and support personnel. Reporting and analytics features are strong and integrations with core systems are simple. Using live chat, businesses have opportunities to resolve problems like never before.

Download the guide to see three examples of how companies can gain tangible, sustainable benefits from live chat.

In this guide you’ll learn…

  • How one online retailer was able to combat an abandoned cart crisis and increase orders by leveraging live chat
  • Why one company was able to solve it’s customer service overload by implementing live chat support
  • How implementing enterprise live chat software allowed a large company to improve efficiency and gain visibility into agent performance in it’s crowded call center


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