While attracting visitors to your website is essential for any online business, too often businesses neglect how visitors are treated once they arrive at a site. If you owned a brick-and-mortar establishment, would you let your customers go 15 minutes without being attended to? Probably not. So why should the rules be any different in e-commerce?

Fortunately, they don’t have to be. With Velaro’s proactive chat invitations, online business owners can give their visitors the very best in customer engagement. Below are just a few examples of how this feature can drastically improve your conversion rates while boosting customer service.


  1. Time on page – This one is pretty obvious. If a visitor has been on your site for a long time without taking any action, chances are he/she needs help with something. A lot of Velaro users set up triggers (automated messages that are sent out after a certain amount of time) to assist their visitors while others do this manually.
  2. Specific Page – Thanks to visitor monitoring, predicting your visitors’ needs is fairly easy. For example, if a visitor goes to your “contact us” page, it’s safe to say that your visitor isn’t there to check out the graphics. Your visitor is there to engage with you. Cut them off at the pass with a friendly invitation to chat.
  3. Referring Page – Thanks to Velaro’s visitor monitoring, you can track where your visitors are coming from. For example, say that a visitor comes from a page on another website where you were promoting a specific product or specific deal. That visitor is no longer a complete stranger to you. There’s a bit of back-story to work with when approaching the visitor proactively since you can easily tell what they are after.
  4. Failed Search – Imagine that you have the product your visitor was looking for but he/she used the wrong keywords to search for it or maybe even misspelled their terms. Rather than lose this opportunity forever, you can take matters into your own hands.
  5. Shopping Cart Woes – Anyone familiar with shopping online understands the frustration of a shopping cart-related issue. Statistically speaking, 76% of chatting site visitors will ask for help if they have trouble during the checkout process. With a proactive chat invite, you can rescue your customers from their issue and get them back in the purchase funnel.
  6. Geographic location – Imagine that your business is offering a free or discounted offer to any customers within a certain geographic region. A customer within that region comes to your site. Why not share the good news with them?


Note: If setting up triggers, make sure that the triggers adhere to your open hours. Not all clients have off-hour coverage.