You’ll find no shortage of chat platforms proclaiming the benefits of live help for customers. What’s not always discussed is how top live chat solutions improve the customer experience by improving the agent experience first.

There’s nothing worse than expecting your agents to “fly blind.” False starts and repeat questions are a surefire way to frustrate your customers. Live chat software that delivers exceptional support and advanced intelligence to agents not only speeds response time, but ensures customers feel like you, as a company, are paying attention—that they’re not just a wallet or a number. Today, advances in visitor monitoring technologies, data-rich customer histories and robust agent interfaces empower agents with the insights they need to engage successfully with customers each and every time.

Here’s how.

Visitor Page Navigation History

In a brick-and-mortar setting, customer service reps have the advantage of observing their customers: seeing them linger in a particular aisle or catching a glimpse of what else is in their shopping cart.

Your live chat platform should be delivering this same experience, in digital form, to your agents. Within the chat window, agents should have the ability to browse every page view and click – and how much time a user spent looking at a particular item or page – so they know exactly what a customer is interested in before they even exchange their first words.

Real-Time Visitor Tracking

In addition to your customer’s product or service interests, your live chat platform can add valuable context to the conversation.

Real-time tracking gathers detailed insights about your visitors – everything from what browser they’re using to whether they’re viewing your site on a desktop or mobile device to the exact search terms that brought them there in the first place. Importantly, your live chat platform also provides agents with the location of website visitors, which, when paired with advanced geo-targeting capabilities, means more efficient marketing, support and business intelligence.

View Previous Chats & Survey Submissions

The beauty of providing support through a live chat platform is that customer conversations continue to accrue value long after the chat window has closed.

Returning visitors may want to reference their original conversation during their next chat – and it’s important your team can keep up, no matter which agent takes the call. Your live help software should make it easy to access historical data on the fly. Rather than wasting time digging up tracking data, leading chat software ensures that all old conversations, chat ratings and survey submissions are reliably stored and at your fingertips when you need them.

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