You know your customer is upset when they take the time to carve their complaint into stone (or clay). Live help makes it much easier for customers to engage you for support.

Live help could have saved the Mesopotamians a lot of trouble. Last week, Shep Hyken addressed what is possibly the oldest customer service complaint (dated to 18thc BC).

In the complaint, the buyer notes that his messengers had to go through “enemy territory” to engage the seller about a product quality issue – an issue which apparently still went unresolved at the time of the writing (inscribing?). To follow up a bungled order with a poorly handled customer service interaction is necessarily going to result in a negative customer experience.

The word of mouth resulting from this negative customer experience has now spanned nearly 4 millennia. Though that is a tongue-in-cheek thing to say, it does have a measure of truth to it; Marketing does have a very real stake in customer service- and implementing live help software is an important step in the right direction.

Live Help Customer Service as Marketing

Between American Express/ebiquity and SAP, there are many companies that have incorporated customer service into their marketing strategies. Understandably so as well – for companies concerned with revenue growth (who isn’t?), superior customer service can be the difference between upselling and losing customers (check out the stats in this article). Mercedes Benz adheres to this trend as well, citing social media as the primary motivator for their change.

Live help provides an accessible, convenient way for your customers to engage your customer service team (no need to go through a Mesopotamian war zone!). With premade messages, live help software equips your customer service team to provide a response that is more immediate and more likely to result in first contact resolution. Making customer service as effortless and helpful to your customers as possible is the key to pushing them from satisfied to evangelizing.

Getting the Most out of Live Help Software

Live help software can do more than support first contact resolution. With proactive chat, you can reduce shopping cart abandonment (or exit rate on your site in general) by engaging customers who may have questions about your business before they disappear potentially forever. With live chat reporting, you can help your team continually improve their engagements with customers. With live chat integration, you can connect this data with your CRM, e-commerce platform, help desk software and/or other tools.
For more information about how live help can super-charge a marketing strategy built on customer experience, contact Velaro Live Chat here.