Having an e-commerce business means you need to sell products. Selling products requires that people see your website.  Making your e-commerce store more social will get more eyes on your website and help you sell more products.

There a few things you can do to make your e-commerce store more social, all of which were going to cover in this post. We’ll tell you why you should start an e-commerce blog, how to choose the right blog commenting software, how to turn shoppers into brand ambassadors, and why live chatting with your customers will make your store more money.

Here we go.

Start an E-commerce Blog

Many E-commerce storeowners overlook the wide range of benefits an e-commerce blog provides your store. Don’t make the same mistake; here are few reasons why your e-commerce store needs a blog.

  • Industry thought leadership

In order to write successful blog posts that will actually be read and shared, you need to be knowledgeable about the topic your blogging about. When potential customers start researching online for a product or service, and they find your blog, you’ve already established brand trust before ever coming into contact with the customer. Writing thought provoking content about your industry on a consistent basis gives your store the thought leadership consumers crave.

  • Major SEO boost

Without getting into the nuts and bolts of mystical “SEO best practices”, sites that have more content (as in actual text) consistently outrank sites with less content. Regularly publishing quality, original, blog posts relevant to your industry and useful to your consumers, may help your outrank your competitors and get your store more business.

  • Each blog post is a doorway into your store

Each and every blog post you publish equals another entry page on your website. More entry pages on your site equals more potential customers looking at your products. Quality blogs can make organic search your top source of traffic.

  • Go viral..maybe

Sites like Stumbleupon, Digg, and Reddit make information visible and available to its respective community of users. By publishing blog posts that are informative, useful, insightful, or funny, you may “go viral” if users of these active communities up vote your blog posts

Blogging is perhaps the most effective form of online marketing. Creating a blog, and publishing weekly is an excellent step towards making your ecommerce store more social and in turn more profitable.

Socialize with Your Users via Live Chat Software

If you’re really looking to make your ecommerce store more social, live chat software is an excellent way to do so. Utilizing live chat software to engage your customers can help reduce online shopping cart abandonment rate, and increase ecommerce sales by giving your users a place to turn if they have a question.

Live chat fosters brand confidence in customers. Everyone hates getting putting on hold, being redirected, or completely ignored when they have a customer service issue. A friendly live chat button lets users know that a real live person is their to help them if they need it.


Blog Commenting Software

Generic commenting systems aren’t bad (such as WordPress stock commenting system), but leveraging platforms like facebook comments, google + comments, and disqus make interaction easier and more personal.

How? Why? You ask.

The right blog commenting software..

  • Makes the actual process of commenting easier by allowing users to login through a familiar platform (facebook or google) as opposed to creating yet another username and password.
  • Uses real names and identities which cuts down on commenting trolls and spam. Commenting spam is an industry wide issue that can be dramatically cut down on (almost eliminated entirely) with the right blog commenting software.
  • Pulls in photo’s that accompany each comment. Since these platforms are linked to social profiles, the users social media picture gets pulled in adding to the personality of your e-commerce web community.
  • Recognizes the most “liked” comment and pushes them to the top. ‘Friends’ comments will be  pushed to the top of the thread as well, having familiar faces and quality comments highly visible means other users are more likely to join in on the conversation.
  • Incorporating social profile pictures establishes credibility. Normal commenting systems have a “name” field which people may or may not answer truthfully. Having a real name and picture results in comments, opinions, and conversations that are credible.

Blog commenting has undergone serious changes with the rise of social media. We recommend utilizing specialized blog commenting software to help make your e-commerce store more social.

Turn Shoppers into Brand Ambassadors

Including social buttons on product pages is becoming more and more common. Including these simple buttons on product pages boosts interactivity, drives traffic to product pages, and boosts sales.
Online stores realize the importance of online reviews and social endorsements, having friends and familiar faces sharing products online is the digital version of a referral.

These social endorsements are so powerful that social commerce sites  are giving users a unique new shopping experience. Wanelo, an online community for shoppers, is the premier social commerce platform right now. They’ve built a platform based on empowering the consumer and allowing them to discover new products they never would have been able to find otherwise.

While your e-commerce store may not be a stand alone application like Wanelo, you can leverage the same power of social endorsements by allowing your content to be easily shared amongst your users.

Now Make Your Ecommerce Store More Social

By implementing these simple steps you can make your ecommerce more social. A social ecommerce store is a store that sells products and features its own bustling web community of happy consumers.