From Edward Snowden to the Russian authorities watching your every move at the Olympics in Sochi – we are in a constant battle to maintain our privacy.

live-chat-securityThe best way to stay vigilant is to be aware of those situations where you’re at the greatest risk of falling prey to those who just have to see what you’re doing.  Here’s one you probably didn’t think about – live chat.

When you come to a website and you see that “chat now” button you probably didn’t consider that clicking that button could be opening a door to your thoughts.  Be warned!  Depending on the live chat functionality in use on the website your privacy may be in jeopardy.  What you might not be aware of is that some chat vendors provide the Chat Agent with the ability to see what the Website Visitor is typing before the Website Visitor hits the “send” button.  You might not think this is a big deal – but we at Velaro do.

At Velaro, we believe that the security and privacy of the information shared between Chat Agent and Website Visitor is paramount.  This is why some of the largest e-commerce vendors, financial institutions, local government agencies, and universities trust Velaro to provide live chat on their websites.  These organizations put a premium on live chat security and this is often one of the top reasons why they select Velaro.