A leading provider of skincare products in brick and mortar stores and online, AHAVA US needed live chat software that would integrate with Magento, their ecommerce platform.

You can read more about AHAVA US’ story here. In addition to the live chat integration with Magento, it involves fast chat agent onboarding and continuous improvement in customer service.

Live Chat

Integrating live chat and ecommerce has helped AHAVA US increase conversions and improve customer satisfaction.

Live Chat Integration and ECommerce More Broadly

Once you’ve got a visitor on your site, earning ecommerce conversions is almost wholly contingent upon excellent product pages and a seamless, trust-building checkout process.

It can be a delicate balance determining how to organize the product information on your site, where and to what extent you utilize pop-ups and live chat invitations, and how much information you collect from prospective customers (too little will make it harder to market to them for valuable repeat business, but too much could prevent any sale from happening at all).

You can read more about how to design great ecommerce product pages, and what triggers to consider using for proactive chat on an ecommerce site, here.

Why Does Integration Matter in Ecommerce?

Because by integrating live chat and ecommerce, you can actually attach a dollar amount to your live chat agents and their team’s efforts.

It also means that when you make data-informed improvements, those improvements directly impact these dollar amounts.

Continuous improvement in customer service pays off!

Live Chat Integration More Broadly

There are important integrations you should consider implementing between your live chat software and other elements of your business, apart from your ecommerce platform. For the quick low-down of the highest-priority vs. less urgent priorities for these integrations, read this article: “Live Chat Integration: Needs vs. Wants.” 

If you still aren’t convinced you need any integrations beyond your ecommerce platform, read this article before you close your mind entirely: “If Your Live Chat Isn’t Integrated with Your CRM, You’re Doing It Wrong.”

Live Chat Integrations and Enterprise Software

For some, setting up a live chat system at the enterprise level can itself be a challenge. The issues of security and success management can be complicated at the enterprise live chat level for some organizations, and that’s before you even introduce an integration. But you don’t have to figure it all out yourself.

For more about specific integrations between live chat and other products at the enterprise level, read this article: “What to Expect from Enterprise Live Chat Software.”