Here’s how and why enterprise-scale integration between CRMs such as Salesforce and your live chat platform can make a significant difference in the quality of customer service you deliver.

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In today’s fast-paced, omnichannel world, customers expect your agents to know their preferences and history as soon as an interaction begins. They don’t want to wait while you look up their records, and they won’t tolerate having to give the same information over and over again.

Knowledge = Power


Exceptional CRMs such as Salesforce contain an incredible amount of valuable information, but if it’s locked in a system that is difficult or time-consuming for agents to access, its impact on actual service quality is limited.

An enterprise-level CRM/live chat integration gives you and your agents the tools to truly engage users, accurately measure and analyze results, and foster a culture of continuous improvement within your customer service department and contact centers.

And, in doing so, your live chat will go beyond simply answering questions. Instead, your contact center will be well on its way to becoming a consistent, measurable and sustainable driver of customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

A live chat solution that helps you get the most out of Salesforce, for example, should make it possible to:


Instantly view Salesforce data without ever leaving the chat window. By integrating your website’s live chat solution with a CRM such as Salesforce, you can give your support staff one-click access to a 360-degree view of the individual with whom they’re chatting. No logging into a separate dashboard and navigating through various screens. Purchase history, service records, past interactions, location, contact information – it’s all there and at their fingertips.


Create new Salesforce accounts and contacts directly within the live chat solution. If a live chat event uncovers a potential lead, a truly integrated system allows your agents to quickly and easily capture the critical information your sales team needs in a new Salesforce entry right away.


Append live chat transcripts, metadata and survey results to Salesforce records with a single click. Customer records locked in live chat systems can lead to siloed knowledge and gaps in information, but getting your agents to actually use your CRM is not always easy. The fact is, customer service staff should be working with customers, not transferring information from one system to another. Integrating enterprise live chat and a CRM like Salesforce minimizes the administrative burden, increases adoption rates and leads to all-around more knowledgeable service and sales teams—and happier customers.

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