Velaro is a real- time tool that facilitates communication between a company and its websites visitors. Users equipped with Velaro earn the title of Agent, and are on the front line maintaining customer satisfaction.


Logging in and getting started

To access Velaro you will need to log into The first time you log in your availability will be set to Available, this means that you can accept incoming chat requests and should be prepared to do so. Your availability is marked in the top right with your headshot; you’ll see a green dot when you’re available and a red one when you aren’t.


Maintaining availability

If you are not ready to receive chats you can easily change your availability to Unavailable by clicking your user headshot and selecting Switch to Unavailable. You’ll see the icon change to red. You should also confirm your availability when you log into Velaro to ensure chats are being directed correctly.


You can receive chats.You can’t receive chats automatically.
Can access real time visitor monitoring.You can manually accept queued chats or join existing ones.
Use this status most of the time.Previous chats can be continued.
Can access real time visitor monitoring.
Use this status if you’re taking a break or need to get up from your desk for a few minutes. We recommend logging out if you’re leaving for the day.


Chatting If you find that you are not receiving any chats, always check your availability first. In most cases you will find that your status is set to Unavailable.


Where do I need to go?

As an Agent you’ll participate in chats within the Engagement section of the Control Panel which you can find in the header navigation. Below you’ll find the components of the Engagement section explained:



  1. Message Input Box – This is where you’ll type messages to the visitor. When you start typing, they’ll see a notification in their window and will expect a response. When the visitor starts typing you’ll also see a notification below this input box.
  2. Chat Content – All communication is displayed here in the order that its received. You’ll see that each chat line contains who sent it(you, the visitor, another Agent, or the system itself.
  3. Exit Chat Button – Once you’re done with each chat you’ll want to exit it. This lets Velaro archive the transcript for later review. If you have hit your limit of concurrent chats exiting will then allow a new one to replace it.
  4. Visitor List – Visitors who initiate a chat will appear on the left, and you can filter the results to show only your own chats, visitors who are waiting in queue, or see all at once. New chats and queues will automatically appear here. You should see and hear accompanying alerts when a new chat/queue does come through, for more information on alerts read below.
  5. Visitor Info – Once you are in a chat you’ll see the visitor’s information will appear in detail on the right. This will allow you to view their survey answers, visitor monitoring info, and even search.


Tips, Tricks & Improving Customer Satisfaction

As an Agent your goal should always be to provide the best experience to the visitors you’re connected with.

  • Stay engaged – Live chat can feel more relaxed than a direct phone call but that doesn’t mean your visitors will forgive slow response times. Always be mindful of your response times and keep them as quick as possible. If finding the answer to a question or resolving an issue is taking longer than a few minutes, simply reassure your visitor that you’re working on the issue. This will keep the conversation positive and keeps the visitor updated.
  • Canned Messages – You may often find that you’re relaying the same message to visitors; whether it’s pricing info or a simple closing statement, the ability to easily re-use common statements/phrases is vital. Velaro offers canned messaging as way to easily insert premade messages into your chat. You can create these by navigating the Admin > Canned Messaging Once saved you only need to type ‘#’ and the tag you associated with the message. This will let you quickly insert a canned message.
  • Visitor Information – Don’t forget about all of the useful visitor monitoring details Velaro provides. You may find the Visitor info included to the right of your chat; which contains information including their current page and location, may help you assist the visitor quickly.
  • Don’t be a robot – No two chats are the same. You may find some visitors require more attention or positive reinforcement than others. This can be as simple as assuring them an issue is being investigated or that they’re inquiry is high priority. Understanding your visitor’s point of view and answering their questions accurately is also very important. Canned messages can be modified before they are actually sent, so always be sure that it applies to the conversation before sending it. If you’re answers sound scripted and don’t accurately address the inquiry then your visitor’s experience will go downhill fast.