It’s easy—and important—to control when your agents are available for chats.

Currently, the availability (online or offline) status of your live chat buttons and surveys are determined by both an agent being logged into the agent desktop and their availability. Availability Scheduling allows for you to determine times when your group or site will be offline for chats, regardless of an agent’s availability. This feature can be useful if your agents remain logged into the desktop software for prolonged periods of time. The setting also ensures your site is offline when you want it to be whether or not an agent is logged in.


Availability Schedules allow an administrator to set the availability of individual groups or your entire site. When availability schedules are enabled and a group is not currently scheduled to allow chats, the chat button is in the offline chat status and all chats are treated in accordance with the unavailable to chat settings in the workflow.


Setting up scheduling is easy! Simply select your group and then drag and drop the group into the weekly calendar for each day you want that group available. From there you can drag the selection to the time range you want them available. This is tied to your overall Account settings, so check your account’s selected time zone to correspond with your settings.


When finished, save your time frame configurations and enable scheduling by clicking Enable Scheduling in the upper right. It should turn red when enabled, offering the option to disable when you wish.



One last note! There are two important things to remember about Schedule Availability:


  1. If all agents in a department are offline, yet they are scheduled to be available, that department is still treated as unavailable.
  2. If availability schedules are enabled, but no timeframes are selected, you will not receive any chats.