Managing users in Velaro is easy. Simply log into the Velaro Control Panel, and navigate to the Admin > Manage Users section to get started.

Invite New Users

You can easily invite new users within the Agents section. Simply click the Invite New User(s) button to get started.



Enter the email address of the new user and select whether they are an Agent, Manager, or Admin. If you’d like to invite multiple users at once, just hit the Add Invite button to enter additional addresses. Don’t forget to assign your new users to a group; otherwise you’ll have to do so later in the Groups section.


Once you’ve invited users, they’ll get a welcome email from Velaro prompting them to confirm their address and create a password. Until then invited users will appear under the pending tab.



If for any reason you need to delete the invite you have sent out, simply select the Revoke button and that user will not be able to accept your invitation.

Manage Users

You can easily manage users in real time through the Online/Offline tab or through the quick editing view. In the Online tab you will find a list of all users logged into Velaro.



Each user card will tell you the user’s display name, email address, time since logged in, role and current status (available/unavailable). Use the role dropdown to update a user’s role.



User’s roles can be distributed as you see fit, there are no limitations on the amount of admins vs. managers vs. agents your account can have. You can also interact with user accounts by selecting their current status.



This allows you to set availability, start an agent to agent chat, or boot in case the user should be set to offline. In the Offline tab you’ll find a similar layout.



From this tab you can also delete users by selecting the Remove button. If you need to make changes to multiple users then select the Toggle Edit View button and the page layout will list online users in a table.



In the quick edit view you can easily update users max chats, availability, and roles.