To get Velaro up and running on your website you’ll need to install at least one script on any page that you’d like to have chat or visitor monitoring. To get the necessary scripts please log into the Velaro Control Panel and navigate to the Headshot Dropdown > Account Setup > Deploy > Engagement Scripts section.


Know what you want

It’s important to know what enabling each of these options will do:

Include inline chat on the page – This will enable a chat window that is by default docked in the bottom right of your web page. Inline chat windows are given a fixed placement on the screen; meaning it will scroll with you as you go down a page.

Monitor visitors – If you’d like to see your website visitors in real time from Velaro’s visitor dashboard then enable this option. Velaro’s invitations, content targeting, and agent alert systems rely on real time visitor monitoring as well.

Assign to a group – If you’re deploying chat to multiple websites or divisions of your company, and have created groups to segment those, then you can automatically assign visitors and chats to that group. By selecting on of your groups, an additional Group ID variable will be added to your code snippet which automatically assigns visitors before the chat even starts!



Once you have all of the desired options set, select Generate, and you’ll be given the code necessary to deploy.

This code will need to be copied and deployed to your website as low in your page’s HTML as possible. We recommend including the Engagement Scripts in the footer of your website.

What about a popout chat, in a different window?

Velaro also offers a different style of chat other than inline, where you can deploy a button on your website which once clicked will open its own window. You still need the initial script we just generated but will also need a second one located in the Headshot Dropdown > Account Setup > Deploy > Popout Chat section.



Just like with the Engagement Scripts you have a few options you can predefine before the script is generated, including the same grouping option. Here you also define the chat button images that will be shown when the system is online (when agents are available) and when its offline. You can select to browse/upload to view our gallery of images or upload your own. Once you have everything set select Generate.



Unlike the Engagement Scripts you should place this code on your website where you want it to visually display.

Once all of your code has been deployed you’ll be able to monitor visitors in real time and get chats based on the options you enabled in the steps listed above.