Check out this awesome new feature! Rule-based Group Selection makes sure your visitors chat with exactly the right agent.

Using the Group Selection and Group Re-selection allows you to customize exactly which users are routed to which group of agents. (If you haven’t yet created your groups and assigned your agents, read this article to learn how.)


To begin creating rules to automatically route your chatters, navigate to the Workflows section. Make sure View Advanced Options is enabled so you can see the Group Selection section, and then click on Rule Builder to turn the feature on if it’s not already.



Any rules that have already been created will be listed here. To create a new one, click on the Add Rule button at the top right.



When the new rule creation dialogue appears, you’ll be asked to enter the following information:


Rule Name: The name for the rule so you can identify it. (This is just for your own use.)

Group: The group that the rule will route to. Where should the chat go if the rule evaluates true?

Rule: This is where you enter the conditions to evaluate if visitors should be routed to the chosen group.



Rule Builder

We have a wide range of conditions you can check to select which group of agents your visitors will be connected to. Click Add Condition to add another condition to the rule.



After selecting a condition, decide which customer values for that parameter satisfy your conditions for routing to that department.


For example, if you want all customers in the Products section of your website to go to Sales Chat, we can search “create a rule” so that all users in the Products directory are routed to Sales.


You can also make more complex rules by adding multiple conditions, grouping conditions, and selecting whether “any” or “all” of the conditions must be met.


For example, the rule below will route users to support for one of two reasons:


  1. This user has an associated LoginName being passed to Velaro so we know they are logged in.


  1. The current page contains “” AND the customer has been on the page at least 30 seconds.


Group Re-selection Based on Pre-chat Responses


In the Group Re-selection section which appears after the pre-chat survey, most of the same conditions still apply, so we can choose to route users after the pre-chat survey, just as we did before the survey.


However, this section also includes conditions that check for the visitors’ responses in the pre-chat survey, allowing us to check for complex combinations of pre-chat survey answers to route customers.


Instead of having the visitors directly select which group they want to chat with, we can ask them multiple questions and create rules based on their responses. For more information on editing surveys, see Edit Surveys.


For example, say we want most chatters to go to Sales because they are either not current customers or are current customers adding services. However, current customers who are only changing services or reporting an issue should be sent to Support, not Sales.


We would create the below rule to send customers to sales if


  1. They are not a current customer


  1. They are a current customer who is ALSO adding services



With these options, you should be able to ensure that all of your customers make it to exactly the right agent.