Having the correct surveys is vital to your live chat setup; luckily Velaro makes this easy! To get started log into the Velaro Control Panel with an administrative user and navigate to the Admin > Workflows section.


For each group you have, you can set up 4 possible surveys:



  • Pre-chat – this survey will appear when your visitor initiates the chat process by selecting a chat button or expanding an inline chat widow. Use pre-chat surveys to get commonly needed information to help save Agents time. This may include their name, email, or a general “how can we help you?”
  • Post-chat – this survey will appear once your visitor ends their chat. Use post-chat surveys get a review of how the chat went. You may want to find out if the Agent’s work was satisfactory or if the visitor would recommend the service.
  • Agent post-chat – this survey is the Agent version of the post-chat survey; it will appear once they exit the chat or when it ends. This survey type can be used to add additional notes about the engagement itself.
  • Unavailable survey – this survey appears when no agents are online/available and should be used as way to follow up with visitors when your agents couldn’t engage them in real time.

To customize any survey simply select the appropriate one and you’ll see the available options just to the right.



This area will let you edit text shown in that survey, the questions themselves, and even automate Velaro to email you the results of this survey upon its submission.


Expert Tip! Use the ‘E-Mail to’ option in your Unavailable survey to ensure that any missed chat submission are communicated to your team.


To edit a survey question, simply hover it and select the pencil icon to the right. This will expand the question and you can edit the text, type, and even make it required. Use Velaro’s premade question type for Visitor Name and Visitor Email to let us correctly tag the visitor. This information can be used directly in the chat and in your reports later on.