As an Agent, you’ll participate in chats within the Engagement section of the Control Panel which you can find in the header navigation. Take a quick tour of the Engagement Screen and and learn everything you need to know about engaging in chats!


[1] Message Input Box – This is where you’ll type messages to the visitor. When you start typing, they will see a notification in their window and will expect a response. When the visitor starts typing, you’ll also see a notification below this input box. Use the # symbol to bring up a list of tags and associated canned responses (LINK TO CANNED RESPONSES DOC) you can use.


The options above the message box allow you to perform the following functions:

  • Transfer the chat to another agent
  • Invite another agent to the chat to assist you
  • Email the transcript to yourself or anyone else,
  • Upload a file to share with the visitor
  • Push a URL to the visitor
  • Copy the transcript to your clipboard, to paste somewhere else.


You can also select who can see your messages if other agents are in the chat.


[2] Chat Content – All communication is displayed here in the order that it’s received. You’ll see that each chat line contains who sent the response (you, the visitor, another Agent, or the system itself).


[3] Close Chat button and Exit Chat button– Once you’re done with each chat, you’ll want to close it by clicking the Close Chat button. This lets Velaro archive the transcript for later review. If you’ve hit your limit of concurrent chats, closing will allow a new one to replace it. If another agent is still chatting with the customer and you don’t wish to end the chat, you may simply select the Exit Chat option.


[4] Visitor List – Visitors who initiate a chat will appear on the left, and you can filter the results to show only your own chats, visitors who are waiting in queue, or see all at once. New chats and queues will automatically appear here. You should see and hear accompanying alerts when a new chat/queue does come through. For more information on alerts read below.


[5] Visitor Info – Once you’re in a chat, you’ll see the visitor’s information appear in detail on the right. This will allow you to view their survey answers, visitor monitoring info, and even CRM records if your account is set up with an integration.


[6] Integrations List – If your organization is using any of our integrations with a CRM or another tool, in this dropdown, you’ll see a list of the different integration panels associated with those. You can select the one you wish to interact with to create a new CRM record.