Need information about your chats? No problem! The Engagement Report shows you all interactions with your customers in detail. From this single report, you can see the full workflow of every chat, including transcripts, survey data, exchanged files and missed chats.

Please refer to the General Report information for more detail about the report functions at the top right of the page.

Specific filters for this report:



Engagements/Missed Chats/Both – This option lets you choose if you want to filter out missed chats or only completed chats in the table of results below the chart.


Include Abandoned Pre-Chat Surveys – If checked, the results list will include all the users who opened the pre-chat survey and took a look, but never submitted it. This may mean your surveys are too long…or just that you have very curious customers.


Include Engagements Without Email – If checked, all engagements will be shown regardless of whether the customer has submitted their email (leaving no way to follow up). If emails are required for all of your surveys, then leaving this box unchecked will filter out any abandoned Pre-Chat or blank Unavailable surveys.


Response Gauge – This setting will allow you to show how many chat requests were responded to within a set amount of time. Any visitors who waited longer than the response gauge time will not be shown, so this filter will measure the number of chats answered within an acceptable period.


Group – This last filter allows you to show only the results associated with a particular group.


The Chart:



After selecting your Date Range, the Engagement Chart shows Chats and Missed Chat statistics grouped by day, week, month or year as selected in the Group by function (4th button from the top left).


This interactive report allows you to instantly see only the information you wish to see. To look for more specific information, show or hide chats or missed chats by simply clicking the small blue or red box at the bottom of the chat to toggle visibility. You’ll also notice that when you mouse over the chart, you’ll see the number of chats and missed chats at each time period shown in the chart.



The Data

Scrolling down you’ll see the data from the chat listed in a table format. Add or remove any number of columns from this report by selecting the categories via the Add/Remove Columns button at the top left of the chart. These selections include all survey data and visitor monitoring information, allowing for transcript, visitor monitoring and survey data to be pulled from a single report. Since there are so many columns available, you’ll want to look through them and select the information most valuable to you.



The Details

The details of every engagement are available via the clickable link View shown in the first column of the data. Viewing allows for a tabbed view of each part of the customer interaction. Visitor Monitoring Information, the Pre-Chat Survey, Transcript, Files Sent, Post Chat Survey and Post Chat agent survey (if enabled) are all viewable in this report. You may also email or export this individual data.