It’s incredibly simple to give the browser permission to post alerts on the desktop.

  1. Agents using Http:// can go to the top right corner of the screen and select Enable Desktop Alerts. (Agents using the Agent Desktop can skip this first step.)



  1. Then ask your agents to go to their profiles and check the boxes below to maximize the visual alerts:

System Tray Alerts – This enables new chat alerts on the desktop.

Show New message alerts – When agents are not on the Engagement Screen, they’ll get desktop alerts when a new message appears.

Visual alerts shown as sticky – This will keep the alert on the desktop until it’s answered or the agent goes to the Engagement Screen. You can also decide to use the Show alerts for feature to extend the amount of time the alerts are present.




Sounds are enabled by default, but you may also choose Repeat Alert Sounds if you want sounds to repeat until answered.