Do you ever find yourself relaying the same message to visitors? Whether its pricing info or a simple closing statement, you’re probably tired of manually finding ways to re-use an answer. It’s time to lean back, relax, and use Velaro’s Canned Response system to get the common point across.

Anyone can use Canned Responses within Velaro, to get started log into Velaro.

Personal and Shared Pre-made Responses

All users can create canned responses to some degree. As an Agent level user when signing into Velaro you should see a link to the Canned Responses section. If you’re user access is set to Manager or Admin then you’ll find this feature located in the Admin > Canned Responses section.



As an Agent you have access to create personal canned responses, which only your user will have access to. Administrators and Managers may have access to create shared premade responses if their account allows. Shared messages can be defined at the account and group level, which will distribute the messages to all users who have access. To switch between personal and shared premade messages, simply use the drop down in the top right.



Creating and Editing Responses


Once you have the type of premade message selected, you can add new messages by selecting the Add Canned Response button or you can edit one by selecting it from your list of pre-existing messages.



Simply enter in the text you want to use for the message in the body. Velaro does not limit the length of your messages so you can squeeze in as much info as you’d like.



Expert tip! Don’t make your messages too long! Spreading a message out will help your visitor digest the info you’re sharing. Sending a few pages of text may stop your chat in its tracks.

Once the body of the message is entered you should create at least one tag for the message. Simply type in your tag title and click Tab on your keyboard. You can create multiple tags for a message, this allows you to access it in more than one.



From there you can type out your tag if you want to narrow the results, or you can scroll through all messages. Once you have the tag and corresponding message selected hit “Enter” on your keyboard and the message will be copied to your input box.



Messages can be edited before they are sent in case part of it isn’t relevant to the conversation.