Interested in seeing missed chat numbers? No problem!

You can see all the missed chat information – and more — in the Engagement Report. The Engagement Report offers all the historical information on your interactions with visitors.


To access the Engagement Report, go to Reports > Engagements in the Velaro Application and filter the information by following these easy steps:

  • Click the funnel button at top of the Engagement Report. You’ll see several options.
  • Select Missed Chats plus the other options that apply.
  • If you would like to filter the report for a particular group, select it in the Group drop down.
  • Click Apply.



Note: Other options available in the Funnel button can give you more detailed information on the missed chats:

  • Include Abandoned Pre-Chat Surveys: This option includes all the instances where the visitor clicked on the chat button but didn’t fill out and submit the Pre-Chat survey.
  • Include Engagement Without Email: This includes the missed chat requests provided without an email.