What’s Velaro’s secret for providing the best chat solution on the market today? We’re always creating tools like the Admin Dashboard that make it easier for you to use our chat solution and provide your customers with the best customer care experience possible.

The Admin Dashboard is the first page you see when you log into the Velaro Application. From here you can view and control activity on your entire account. You can get an overview of chat activity or drill into the details of a particular chat. Whether you manage 3 agents or a chat center of 300, you can monitor and control the chat from one place.

With one glance you can see how many visitors are on your site, how many active chats are going on and how many chats are in the queue. The Admin Dashboard also offers several widgets that keep you up to date on all activity and provide you with key metrics to make sure your account is running smoothly.
This page is divided into two areas, the Banner and the Information Area. Should you navigate away from the Admin Dashboard, you can get back to it by clicking the Velaro logo in the upper left-hand corner.


In the Banner you can see an overview of the main chat performance indicators at that point in time. This information shows and updates in real time.



Account Utilization: the percentage of all the agents who are logged in and available or who are taking chats at that moment.

Visitors Online: the total number of visitors monitored through our visitor monitoring code.

Queues: the total number of pending chat requests in all the queues on your account.

Chats: the total number of active chats being taken care of by your agents.

Information Area

In this area you can see the detail of the chat operation.



There are several widgets that offer you different information options:

  • Visitor Engagements



Here you can see a list of all the active engagements at the different stages of chat: Chatting, In Queue, Pre-Chat, Post-Chat and Unavailable.




You can also use a search field to locate a particular engagement. In this widget you can shadow an engagement or close it altogether from the Actions column.

  • Online Agents



Here you can see all the agents logged into the system, the number of chats each agent has, and the status of availability.



From the Actions column you can initiate a chat with the agent or boot them from the system.

  • Recent Activity



In this area you can see a log of all recent activity pertaining to chat operations. You have the option to filter what information is shown in the widget.



From the Admin Dashboard you can also view historical information:

  • Average Handle Time

This widget will show the average time it took to complete chats.



  • Service Level

This allows you to view a list of all the chat requests that were made and missed as well as chats that successfully took place. You can also calculate your service level based on the time you deem your company should engage customers in a chat. If your company feels that all chats should be answered within 60 seconds, your service level report will show you what percentage of chats were taken within 60 seconds, including those chats that were missed.



  • Missed Chats

Here you can see a breakdown of the missed chats.



The Admin Dashboard makes it easy for you to know what’s happening in chat so you can take action to ensure customer satisfaction.