With Velaro’s Design Editor, every aspect of the chat can be adjusted to fit the look and feel of your website. Although knowledge of HTML and CSS is helpful, it’s not necessary.


Let’s say you want to adjust the size of the chat tab on mobile devices. You can do this by modifying the CSS style rule for that chat tab in the advanced area of the Design page. To get there, click on your photo in the upper right hand corner of the Velaro application, select Account Setup, and then go to Design > Inline Chat. Click on the Advanced button at bottom.


To edit the chat tab, adjust the following rule in the CSS File:



To adjust the width and height of the tab, add the following to the text area:

#velaro-mobile-inline {

width: 200;

height: 50;


Once you’ve added the rule, click on the Save Changes button at bottom to save the change to the CSS File.



Note: to just edit just one aspect of the size of the chat tab, omit the element you are not interested from the rule.