Empower both your customer service agents and your salespeople with a real-time channel of customer intel that keeps both parties in
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It’s hard to remember the days when customer service calls were made anonymously. Today, there is an expectation that customer service interactions, especially live chat interactions, will be efficiently executed, thanks to behind-the-scenes data streams providing agents with the details needed to swiftly and appropriately serve their customers.

Critical to those data streams is the reliability of their source. By integrating an enterprise-level CRM like Microsoft Dynamics with your live chat platform, you can establish a single source of truth for your organization, bridging the gap between support and sales and delivering a consistent, personalized experience for your customers.

Customizing the Conversation

The increasing popularity of live chat has led to heightened expectations for speed of service. Today’s customers have little patience for the delays of record retrieval, or worse, repeating information your customer service team should already know.

By integrating Microsoft Dynamics with your live chat platform, you enable your agents to pull valuable customer insights from your company’s CRM without ever leaving the live chat window. With a 360-degree view of the customer, including purchase history, service records, past interactions, location and contact information, the agent can instantaneously tailor their conversation, getting the customer the answers they need as quickly as possible.

Perfecting the Pitch

Live chat transcripts often capture unique insights into customer challenges and weak spots in a product or service portfolio. These insights can help salespeople optimize their pitch to a potential customer through the use of add-on options, custom sales packages and other innovative solutions tailored to the customer’s specific needs.

Again, live chat and CRM integration can make a big difference here, allowing agents to append live chat transcripts, metadata and survey results to Microsoft Dynamics records with a single click. This ultimately provides salespeople with accurate, up-to-the-minute intel on leads and customers while minimizing the burden on customer service staff and preventing duplicate data from creeping into the system.

Tracking New Opportunities

Many customers’ first engagement with sales will be asking a question about product features, service capabilities or quote requests via live chat. Capturing these initial interactions in Microsoft Dynamics is a critical first step for effective lead nurturing. After requesting their name and email, prospects’ information can be loaded into the CRM and primed for use in multi-channel marketing campaigns that are relevant to interests conveyed during the conversation.

Whether you’re coming from sales or customer service, having access to customer history, live chat transcripts, recent purchases and account information provides a comprehensive knowledge base to improve interactions with potential and existing customers alike.

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