Let’s face facts. Live chat support services are becoming the norm for online businesses looking to generate more leads and sales. Over the last few years, the rate of live chat adoption has increased dramatically and it appears it is here to stay.

So with more and more business turning to live chat support services, the competitive edge that was gained by simply having online chat previously has vanished. Now, the pressing issue is: how to I make my live chat initiative more effective than my competitors?

Let’s take a look at four ways this is possible.

4 Ways To Improve Your Live Chat Support Services

  1. Monitor Peak Hours & Traffic Trends

    If you owned a retail store, naturally you would have more sales associates, and your best associates working the floor during your busiest hours. The same holds true for live chat.

    By monitoring traffic trends, you will be able to know not only when traffic peaks are likely to occur, but what times visitors are most likely to convert. This data makes it easy to allocate proper resources to live chat.

  2. Empower Chat Agents To Sell

    You would be amazed by the amount of business lost simply due to the fact that those interacting with potential customers were inadequately equipped to properly handle the situation.

    Arm your live chat support team with not only the knowledge needed to provide great service, but proper training on triggers for selling opportunities and how to assume the sale.

  3. Get To Know Your Visitors

    Have you ever been in a restaurant and asked to fill out a quick survey on your service satisfaction? Or seen a “How’s my driving” bumper stickers on the back of a semi

    These types of surveys allow businesses to receive vital information regarding their level of service and gauge overall temperature of consumers. Live chat is no different. Capturing data through live chat surveys can help streamline your online processes and give consumers exactly what they are asking for.

  4. Create Live Chat Efficiency

    One major reason many businesses have turned to live chat is not just the fact that it generates more leads or sales, but that it makes the sales system more efficient.

    While live chat is efficient in nature, using premade messaging for frequently asked questions, as well as monitoring chat transcripts to look for trends can vastly increase the amount of chats a single agent can handle at one time.

One thing is for sure, live chat support services are only becoming more commonplace online. In order to gain the edge over your competition, creating efficiency and streamlined processes is the key to success.

What are some ways you’ve created efficiency in your online business? Leave us a comment below and tell us about your online chat experience.