With any SaaS company, you can expect there to be a significant difference in available features and in price between the non-enterprise and enterprise offerings—but what does this look like for enterprise live chat software specifically?

Beyond universal enterprise features (unlimited accounts, more robust security features with tiered permissions, the ability to create more sophisticated workflows, greater accountability and support from the provider, etc.), enterprise live chat should also include three types of enhancements: cross-channel enhancements, reporting enhancements, and data exchange/integration enhancements.

Cross-Channel Enhancements for Enterprise Live Chat Software

Cross-channel enhancements for enterprise live chat are primarily going to be enhancements that help bridge the gap between typed chat and voice chat.

This would include “click to call” functionality on your website which, as its name suggests, allows visitors to call your contact center directly with a single click. Cross-channel enhancements would also include integrations with telephony and VoIP service providers in a manner which allows for advanced routing – this prevents reps who are already engaged in a call from receiving a chat and vice-versa. This does not impact the ability of reps engaged in one or more chats to continue to receive additional chats, up to whatever predetermined limit you’ve set for them (incidentally, we recommend a max of four chats for fully-trained, experienced reps). Rather, this routing is designed to prevent reps from having to manage their own active engagement with customers across two different communication channels simultaneously.

Reporting Enhancements for Enterprise Live Chat Software

Reporting enhancements for enterprise live chat should go beyond merely adding the additional “enterprise” tier in the reporting hierarchy.

At the enterprise level, your organization is generating enough data from routine use of your live chat software that you should be able to run trend analyses on at least a weekly basis—and your live chat solution cannot truly be described as an enterprise-level solution if it does not make this process easier. Whether it is agent-level, visitor-level or organization-level live chat reporting, you are not getting the maximum possible ROI from your live chat software if you are not using it to improve practice.

Data Exchange/Integration Enhancements for Enterprise Live Chat Software

Enterprise live chat needs data exchange/integration enhancements due to the scale at which it must operate. Manual manipulation of data, a sloppy and time-consuming ordeal, while sometimes unavoidable at the bootstrapping startup level, is beyond inadvisable at the enterprise business level.

Automated data exchange with external applications and the ability to build custom integrations via API represent time-saving improvements to a live chat product designed to serve enterprise-level customers.

Unlike the cross-channel enhancements above, which represent live chat integrations with specific phone/VoIP solutions (e.g. Vonage, Avaya, etc.), these data exchange/integration enhancements represent improvements to the overall ability of the software to integrate easily with any other solutions.

Other Enhancements for Enterprise Live Chat Software

There are surely other enhancements besides those listed above and this categorization is not the only way to organize enterprise-level enhancements for live chat software (you might break enhancements down by the industry they are most impactful for or by the stage in the customer journey to which they are most applicable, for example).

If you’d like to learn more about what you can expect from enterprise level live chat software, please contact us with your questions – we’d love to hear from you!