Our mission is to help our users successfully engage online visitors in real-time. To exceed that mission, we are constantly improving our product. Below is a sampling of exciting new features we’ve recently added.

If you would like to learn more about any of these features, please contact your Account Management Team at accounts@velaro.com:

  1. Premade messages by department – You probably know how helpful premade messages are for saving time as well as delivering consistent communications among your agents. To take things even further, we completely redeveloped the premade messages interface to make it easier to navigate. You can now undock your premade message directory, and in addition, you will only see premade messages for the department to which the chat was routed.
  2. Enhanced Survey Emailing – Velaro users can now set pre- and post-chat surveys to go to specific emails by department.
  3. New Info on Visitor Monitoring – While agents already have the ability to view key information on website visitors (such as current URL, visitor name, time on site, referral site, keywords, and even shopping cart information) they now have an additional metric to work with. Chat agents can now also view the number of pages visited. Proactive invitations can also be set up using the new pages visited metric.
  4. Upgraded Mass Transcript Export – When mass exporting chats, pre- and post-chat surveys are now included, giving you a more complete picture of individual chat interactions.
  5. Site-wide Proactive Chat Requests – There is now an option for chat invitations to remain present site-wide as a visitor navigates to new pages until the visitor declines the invite. By default, chat requests will still disappear when the visitor navigates to a different page.